Tropical Cocktail

 Murumuru and Mango Butters, Guava Extract Conditioner Bar


Murumuru butter is known for its anti-inflammatory and bactericide properties; and helps promote nutrition and moisture to skin and hair. It helps to restore elasticity to the damaged hair and keeps your hair hydrated. Rejuvenates sheen and softness, and improves dry, brittle and damaged hair.
Guava is very rich in Vitamin A, B  and C and a source of natural fibres which is ideal for your hair.

 Mango Butter has beneficial moisturising properties and adds a luxurious emollient feel to products while also acting as a mild lubricant for the skin. Mango Butter has wound healing qualities and can be used as an application for ulcerations, fissures of the lips, hands and chapped skin etc; and in wounds and sores which are inflamed. It can help repair your damaged hair.


Suitable for all hair types.


Approx 25g


Ingredients; Mango butter, olivate fat restorer, avocado oil, murumuru seed butter, kiwi seed oil, musa sapientum, banana powder, blueberry fruit extract, allergen free coconut FO, may chang oil, lemon-grass oil, citral*, linalool*, limonene*

*Naturally occurring in essential oils

Most conditioner bars have glitter on for aesthetic purposes. The glitter is biodegradable and does not affect the bar.

Tropical Cocktail


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