Soap Samples

We have some soap samples to share with you.


Summer Fruits - Our Summer Fruits Soap smells just like a cool summer ice lolly. It smells of fresh, sweet strawberries, juicy oranges and zesty limes. The attractive design of this soap looks great on display all year round, not just in the summer months!


Citrus Twist - Lemon essential oils are packed in to this soap to really give it a zesty punch! This soap has a scent all of it's own, it's fresh and clean, uplifting and awakening. Perfect for use in the shower first thing in the morning. Citrus oils are great for balancing and brightening dull or greasy skin types, whilst helping to tone the skin too.


Baby Powder - Our Baby Powder Soap has a comforting, familiar scent that is perfect for washing with head to toe! It smells just like baby talc, is very popular and is very attractive on display!


Dead Sea Salt - This deep blue bar is a fantastic alternative to shaving foam! It contains Dead Sea Salt for it's high mineral content, Poppy Seeds for a gentle scrubby action and Cocoa Butter with Avocado Oil for their skin moisturising properties. It has a fresh scent too!


Agave Honey & Oat - This delicious oaty bar smells of sweet honey, vanilla, oats and a sprinkle of sugar!

It smells good enough to eat for breakfast!


Sleepy Baby - This soft and gentle baby bath soap has a very light and fluffy lather to cleanse sensitive little skins. It contains just a touch of lavender oil to help little people drift off to sleep at bed time, making this soap perfect to use in the bath.


Gardener's Soap - This soap is perfect for gardeners, mechanics, builders, or anyone that has a messy job and needs to remove grease and oil from their hands. Being free from harsh foaming agents, it will not add to any skin irritation that is already present and common with jobs that are tough on the hands. Great for rough skin.


Approx 40g

Soap Samples


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