Bamboo Safety Razor

This classic double edge safety razor is eco-friendly, lightweight and easy to grip. Providing you with a comfortable shaving experience.

Handle is made from bamboo. 


Easy to assemble and safe to use. 


Razors come presented in a gift box, with 10 blades* included.


*Blades are not sold separately.


Disposing of your blades; 

You can purchase a 'Feather' or 'OneBlade' Used Safety Razor Blade Bank with your razor. These Blade Banks are the perfect solution for the safe disposal of used double edge and single edge razor blades.  The Blade Bank is not only safe to use it's environmentally friendly too as the metal blades and case can both be recycled. They will store over 100 used razor blades. When full, take the Blade Bank to your local recycling centre to dispose of safely. 

Bamboo Safety Razor


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