Are Bamboo Products Bad For Pandas?

Updated: Apr 27

“The variety of bamboo that pandas depend on as a food source is different from the larger, industrial, woody variety that is used for flooring and furniture and generally grows in different provinces. Purchasing bamboo products therefore should not impact the panda's food resource.” (

Bamboo is the fastest growing tree, except it is not a tree. Despite their tree-like look, bamboo actually belongs to an evergreen grass family. This is why bamboo is such a sustainable material and why it is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to plastic.

Bamboo absorbs twice as much carbon dioxide than trees, and generates 30% more oxygen than most plants and trees.

What is the meaning of sustainable materials?

Sustainable materials are natural, renewable, carbon neutral and use less energy to extract.

There are sustainable alternatives for most materials. You can use wood instead of plastic, and hemp or organic cotton instead of synthetic fabrics.

Examples of sustainable materials include;

Bamboo, Wood, Hemp, Wool*, Linen, Straw, Clay Stone, Sand, Beeswax*, Coconut.

(*not technically classed as vegan).

Articles worth reading;

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